Hades And Persephone

Demeter, the goddess of harvest and agriculture is proud to be the mother of Persephone. Demeter loves her daughter and makes sure that the crops and flowers continue to grow. Persephone had been playing in fields when Hades saw her and instantly fell in love. Hades grabbed the Persephone and pulled her up from the above.

Hades provided Persephone food and wealth, but she did not refuse any. Demeter, worried about her daughter, forgot all about the crops and they started to die. Persephone, an underworld goddess, was so hungry that she stole six pomegranate sprigs from the garden. Demeter found her daughter and asked Zeus for help. She told Zeus to send Hermes down to underworld to retrieve Persephone. Hades was unable to resist Zeus’ request to release Persephone. However, the gardener from the underworld appeared to inform Zeus that he had witnessed Persephone eat food from the underworld and so she must return. Hades and Persephone agreed to Persephone staying in the underworld six months per year for each pomegranate she ate. Once she had returned to Demeter, all of the plants began to grow again. The myths surrounding Hades, Persephones, and Demeter have a significant purpose. They explain how winter, spring, and summer were formed. Demeter suffers from depression during Persephone’s six-month stay in the underworld. Demeter forgets to plant the crops and make the flowers grow. It is winter during this period. In modern-day winter, the trees and flowers are all barren. Persephone’s return from the underworld brings Demeter happiness and flowers blossom again. This is the spring season, when all flowers bloom, and plants are healthier. There are important shared values in the myths surrounding Hades, Persephones, and Demeter. One value is to keep your promises and take your oaths. Persephone was not interested in returning to Hades, but she kept her word and returned each year for six more months.

Family is a shared value, not only are there promises. Demeter works very hard to find Persephone after she disappears. Demeter wouldn’t have taken the time to care for Persephone if she hadn’t loved her. This would have caused “spring” not to happen.


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