Writing letters is a dying art for most people. If I am honest, I believe the last time that I wrote a letter to someone was in 2008 when I was eight. My mom would give me ideas on what to write in a mail. (Btw- My best friend moved away. She moved 5 mi away. As an adult, I didn’t realize this. My top priority in Heaven is to question my mom about why she didn’t just drive over to meet me.

To keep the social out of social distancing, I urge you write a letter. Texting is fine, but handwritten notes are always more meaningful. “What do we write?” is the biggest obstacle, regardless of whether you’re 8 or 28, or 48. Let me help you with this first hurdle by sharing some of my ideas from my year spent letter-writing.


– A photo of you and them from a long time ago.
– A picture from your childhood. Boldly be bold. Do it as soon as you are a teenager.
– Incredulous “Can you believe we…?”
– Make a list of five things you are grateful for about your family.
Ask them to share a special memory that they think is insignificant, but which they believe is important.
– Your first meeting with them.
– A favorite recipe.
– Add a brief sketch.
– Here are your top five inside jokes.
Ask them about their lives. What are they learning?
Write a limerick on them for fun. Here’s how.
– Liner note for Spotify playlists you’ve created for them. Don’t forget the link to share with them Bit.ly allows you to reduce URL’s and make them easier to remember.