Night By Elie Wiesel: Analysis Of Moishe The Beadle Character

This essay is about Moishe, the Beadle. It includes his traits, character and demeanor. According to the novel “he was an awkward clown” he didn’t like social interactions or he felt uncomfortable. The book also said that his eyes appeared “glazed” as if he was deep in thought. It was said that he had a deep spirituality, and would always try to find the answers inside himself. In Eliezer’s early life, he served as a spiritual guide and mentor. He cared deeply about people, despite being poor and probably being treated as a lesser person by many. Does this not leave you emotionally scarred, knowing that others see you as inferior?

In the story, Moishe Beadle is traveling along the border when he stumbles into the forest of Poland where German soldiers were doing unspeakable deeds against women and kids. Moishe the Beadle, a traumatized and good-natured character, went to warn the Sighet Jewish population. Moishe was a kind and generous person. People didn’t trust him because of his poverty, other people didn’t, thinking he wanted to be pity. After witnessing those atrocities he committed, he became traumatized. When he first returned, he spoke very little and only warned people about the impending danger. Moishe, the main character of this novel is an interesting and multifaceted character. He was deeply traumatized after what he witnessed, which gives him a depth, as well as a sorrow that can’t be imagined. Moishe was (or is that what I should say?) According to Eliezers, Moishe taught Elie to ask God his questions.

Moishe placed a high value on spiritualism, religion, and his own mindset. Moishes blamed religion for the awful reality of his existence. He was poor and unloved. His traumatized life was a result of the events in the woods. His life was a disaster and he wanted to escape it. He became religious because of this. Moishe may have been rich in spirit but poor on a more material level. He was also possibly a little crazy from the grief he felt. His religion and uber-spirituality helped him cope with the world outside.

Everyone copes differently. Some people choose to turn to their religion or studies, while others use alcohol and drugs. However, everyone finds a way.


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