32+ Letter Writing Prompts: Creative & Persuasive Letter Prompts

Did you know letter writing is becoming more popular in recent times? Over 36% of kids said they enjoyed writing letters from 2017-2018. This was a decrease of 28% in 2011, but it’s still a significant increase. Although it isn’t a significant increase, it’s certainly an increase. We have created over 32 prompts for writing letters to encourage middle and lower school students to continue to be interested in letter writing.

This list includes everything you need to know about writing letters, from elementary school prompts to middle-school letter-writing ideas. More writing ideas can be found in our post about 150 middle school writing prompts.

32+ Creative Letter Writing Prompts

There are 32 prompts for writing letters that can be used by students in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades.

– Favourite Things: Write a letter asking for their top picks. Begin by asking them what their favorite colour, food, or subject is. Next, you can discuss your favorite things.
– Distant Family: Write a note to a distant family member (someone you haven’t been in touch with for a while). You can write a letter to a distant relative and discuss the things you miss.
Fan Mail: Write an email to your favorite celebrity. What questions would you like to ask the celebrity? What would you like to tell them? What are you most drawn to about them?
– Future self: Write a 5-year-old letter to yourself. What would your older self want? What do you wish they would remember about the past?
– Show gratitude to your everyday heroes: Consider someone who inspires and motivates you. You could choose to thank a teacher or a doctor, nurse, policeman, or any other professional. Thank them for their daily service.
Write an imaginary letter for your favorite superhero. Talk about your favourite superheroes, recent battles they have had, or any other topic.
– LeГ§on Learned: Consider a lesson you’ve learned recently and the person who taught it to you. You can thank the teacher by writing a letter.
– See you again Letter: This is your last day at school. To your friends, write a “see-you later” letter.
– Goodbye Note: You’re ending a long adventure. It’s hard to predict when you’ll return. Tell your friends and family that you are leaving and tell them about the adventure.
– Old Memories: Consider your favorite past memories. These memories are shared with who? You can write a letter telling the person about your favorite memories.
Weather alert: Send a note to someone else in another country, describing the current weather conditions.
Send a positive note: A letter can be written to encourage someone who’s feeling down. Include a joke or funny story in your letter.
– The very first time we met: Recall the moment you first met your friend. Send a note to remind them about this experience.
– A Letter to Grandparents What was their experience at school? What were their favorite games as children?
Invitations for Birthday Parties: Invite someone to your party. You can talk about the theme of the party, the food and the music, and include the location and time.
– An apology letter: Did you ever hurt someone’s feelings? To express your sincere regret, write an apology letter.
– A letter to Santa: Tell Santa that you are good at giving examples. Include a wish list.
– Alien invasion Response: Alien invaders are on the way! Send them an email to convince them not to invade Earth.
– Complaint letter: Let’s suppose you went to a restaurant recently and were disappointed with the food. Now, write a complaint letter to the restaurant’s owner. This letter can be used to offer suggestions for improvements in their service and food.
– A letter to publication Tell your favorite publication how impressed you were by their latest issue.
– A letter to your mayor/council Talk about your town’s problems and discuss how they can be solved.
– Imagine yourself trapped on an isolated island. Send someone a message in the bottle. You could send an SOS message, or tell someone how happy your life is. What message do you wish people to hear?
– The People of the Future: Send a letter to the People of the Future in 100 Years. What details would you like to share about your life with them?
Secret Admirer: This Valentine’s Day activity is great for writing. You can write an anonymous letter telling someone you care about everything.
– Send a note to an object What would you like to ask the object?
– Recent acquisitions: Send a letter detailing something new you’ve just acquired. To begin the letter, you can say “Today” …”
– Deforestation. A new company has just built its headquarters in your community. They will need to clear the forest in order to build the new building. Your opinion is important. These endangered species writing activities will make your environment more enjoyable.
– The Application for a Job: Send a letter of interest to the company that you are interested in working for. You should tell them why you’d be a good employee and why they should employ you.
– Animal testing: Recently, you discovered that a local beauty shop is testing their new make-up range on monkeys and dogs. This company should be contacted by you to explain why it is wrong or unethical.
– Homework, and more homework: Write to your teacher explaining your thoughts on homework. Are you against homework? Why or not?
– Animal letter writing: If animals could communicate, imagine what it would look like. Write a letter of appreciation to the animal you have chosen. What are you most passionate about? Here’s a great idea: Make your own animal envelope.
– Fairytale correspondence: Everyone has likely read a fairyland tale. Send a letter or note to the fairytale characters you choose. You can choose to write a letter or a letter to Cinderella.
Dear Mom Letter: Send a letter to your mom. Start with this sentence: This is my favorite picture of you… This post contains more “Dear Mum” letter prompts.

These creative prompts for letter writing are what you think. Comment below and feel free to send us your letters.


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