15 Letter Writing Prompts For Connecting With Others


It was so difficult to be able “catch up” and hug my friends and family. I am a sensitive, hand-holding, hugging mum. We have relied more on our tablets and phones than ever, with Chessie living in New York and BJ in Melbourne while he returns to college. Chessie has become a favorite part of my day. We have been relying on our phones and tablets more than ever. Apps that connect us quickly, including facetime, houseparty and zoom, Instagram feeds with inspiration, distractions, solidarity, and communities on Facebook that support each other and build villages when our physical limitations make it difficult. The technology has made it possible to stay connected.

What else are we able to do? Your device is not the right tool for us. It’s not fun, it’s exhausting, and it’s just plain unsocial! Let’s have fun and communicate with family and friends in new ways!


I love letters. Not just bills and junk mail. Handwritten and sealed. Writing them to loved ones is so much more fun when you are isolated. A simple note can make someone’s day brighter by sending them an old photo and a brief note. Below are some ideas for letter writing prompts that you can use to thank a special person in the life of yours:

– Tell the story of your first memory.

Share your family’s favorite recipe

Send us your list of inside jokes

– Why you watch your favorite TV shows

– Their most favorite thing

– Seeds of a plant that can be planted.

– A paragraph about what reminds you most of them

– A collection that you have never seen of your family photographs

– Acrostic poems using the name of the person

– A collection of questions they are able to answer.

Write down your favorite memory.

– Let them know what makes you proud.

– List all places you’ve visited together

Record some ways you’re different

Write a playlist. Send them an iTunes giftcard to help them purchase the songs.


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