15 Friendly Letter Writing Prompts For Kids

Writing a friendly letter is fun! After students have mastered the basics of writing a friendly letter, they can start to explore their creativity. These prompts give students the opportunity to use their creative writing skills in an imaginative and fun way. This will hopefully make learning more fun and memorable.

1. Write a letter to your past self. Three things that you wish you knew when you were younger.

2. Write a letter for yourself that will last ten year. Three things you wish your future self would remember about the past.

3. Let your pet know that you are writing a letter. Tell your pet what they like and what they can do better.

4. Write a letter for your mayor. It is a good idea to write a letter asking for assistance from your city’s mayor.

5. Send a note to your parents. Send a letter to your parents describing a large goal you would like to reach and the steps that you are taking to accomplish it.

6. Write a letter expressing admiration for someone. Write a letter to someone you admire.

7. Write to your favourite restaurant chef. Write to the chef at your favorite restaurant and describe your favorite dish.

8. Write a letter to your favorite character from a book or movie. The future of the character. Name two positive and one adverse outcome that they will experience in the future.

9. Thank someone for their contributions to history by writing a letter of appreciation. The person should be told why you believe they are valuable and how they contributed to the improvement of the world.

10. Write a letter for your teacher. You can describe something that you have enjoyed this year.

11. Let someone know that you are writing a letter from another country. Write a letter to someone in another country.

12. Write a note to a friend. Write a letter to a friend.

Friendly Letter Writing Lesson To Elementary & Secondary Schools

13. Write an alien letter to another planet. Three things that they need to know about Earth are what you should tell them.

14. Send a note to the principal of your school. You can convince the school principal to amend a school policy. Give at most three reasons why this rule should be changed.

15. Send a letter to the park owner. Send a description of your idea for new rides.


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