10 Things To Write About In A Letter

I don’t know how many times I have pictured myself at my desk with a fountain pen and carefully selected stationery, writing a letter to a friend. These daydreams are full of words. As I keep writing, my hot cup of coffee gets colder and more untouched. I know exactly how and what I want.

The truth is that words rarely come. As I struggle to find the right words, I am glued to my computer. It is romanticized to write letters. I am sure that there is more to my writing.

Writing is my favorite activity. I use prompts to guide me, whether it be in a journal or a letter to friends. I keep a lot of prompts, and then scroll through the list until I find something that interests me. Here are my top picks for writing about things that come to mind when I am not thinking of anything else.

Ten Things to Write About In A Letter

1. While people-watching, you saw a moment of kindness
2. What you want to do and where you have always wanted to go.
3. This season’s top pick
4. You’ve always wanted a compliment to be given to the recipient
5. Recommend a movie or book that you’ve just enjoyed.
6. Someone who has had a profound effect on your life
7. You have done something small that has made you feel great.
8. A list with questions you want to ask the recipient
9. What you would do for your perfect day
10. What holiday have you created and how you would like it to be celebrated?

How can you pick the right topic for your letters?


  • jessicawilson

    Jessica Wilson is a 33-year-old essay writer and blogger from the UK. She has been writing since she was a teenager and has always been interested in writing about personal experiences and thoughts. Jessica has written for a number of online magazines and websites and has also published a number of essays and short stories. Jessica currently works as a freelance writer.