The Process Of Perception: Cervantes’ Don Quixote And Woolf’s Lily Briscoe

For the last several years, uniforms, from elementary school through to high-school, have been the subject of controversy. This issue is not going to be resolved. My essay will explain the benefits of wearing a school uniform. Uniforms can prevent bullying at school and help create a friendly atmosphere.

In schools, bullying and harassment are a major problem. Students are verbally, socially, and physically bullied. Bullying often starts when people don’t dress appropriately or adequately. Many pupils, both male and female, believe that if someone appears richer they are more important or can manage more. Uniforms encourage students to be more equal, with less discrimination due to clothing, brand or appearance. Teachers and administrators can save time by ensuring that all students are dressed to the same standard. Moreover, if a student wears a school uniform, they all have the same dress code. Teachers will therefore spend a few minutes assessing each student’s dress code. Many studies also claim that dress codes limit a student’s ability to express themselves. School uniforms will also create a more welcoming atmosphere in these schools. School uniforms will also improve the focus of academics on evaluations. Uniforms strengthen the focus of active students in the classroom. The uniform will provide instructions to the student and help them embrace what they need.

As they’re expensive, difficult to use, and impede the uniqueness of personality, school uniforms shouldn’t be mandatory. The United States is known for having families that are typically poorer. The fact that public schools aren’t as expensive as private schools makes them a popular choice for families with low incomes and middle class. Public schools don’t have uniforms, and most families can’t afford them. The United States is an exception. Certain men and women from difficult backgrounds or struggling situations are known to be exempted. It is often expensive to send these children to school. This includes the cost of new clothes as well materials such as paper and pencils. The first amendment is included.

“… Freedom to speak or publish;

The right to peacefully assemble is a fundamental human right.

“U.S. Constitution – First Amendment” The First Amendment of the Constitution states that individuals have the right to freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and petition.

This controversial topic is not a simple issue.

If you consider the pros and cons, it is clear that the uniforms are a better option for students. School uniforms are still preferred in schools, as they believe the impact of the uniforms on student performance and behavioral problems in general. Even though the argument that restricting the right of self-expression for students may never be resolved. School uniforms are a great way to promote positive viewpoints. By adopting school uniforms would reduce harassment and bullying by a large percentage.


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