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“EssayBot is an attempt to create an AI that could write essays for you. It sounds too good to be true, and I still suspect that there is some trick there. If nobody says anything about it, then it is a good time to check the company’s guarantees. So, here is what I found in terms and conditions. Firstly, you need to type a title of your essay, so that the bot could find relevant content. I was pretty confident that at least a plagiarism tool would not detect unoriginal text in the pieces of paragraphs rephrased by the bot.”

““EssayBot is the highly acclaimed online platform giving essay writing assistance to students and subject authors. Then the diction is gently rephrased, with synonyms swapped in for non-essential words, until it can fly under the radar of the average plagiarism detector. He tells me he held focus groups full of college kids during EssayBot’s initial development and found that they all used similar tactics to write their essays. The technology is actually a little similar to translation,” says Yin. “ So, naturally, when I emailed the essay to my 10th-grade history teacher Mr. Lourey, he gave it an easy F. ”The paper would probably earn a very low score in most classes, because it doesn’t seem to be clearly answering a prompt,” he wrote. “ I guess if a teacher assigned a short essay that asked students to simply summarize an event, then maybe this type of paper could fly under the ‘teacher radar.’ Technology is going to help people cheat. He points to a service called Chegg, which provides specific answers to classroom textbook questions for $15 a month.”

“EssayBot is what its name says, it’s basically a bot that helps in writing essays. The only means of contacting customer support is via email. Your teacher or professor might have a different opinion about it, but I see nothing wrong in using such a tool for sources of inspiration and writing your own essay. At times, the final product is a mess and makes little sense. So, unless you do some heavy rewriting yourself, you can’t hand that essay in. Another problem with EssayBot is that it obviously does not understand the texts it’s offering you, it just searches for keywords.”

“While the concept of EssayBot service is promising, you are unlikely to get an A+ paper from it. At first glance, this sounds too good to be true. The yearly subscription costs $4.95 per month. Even if you are not the world’s most skilled writer, the software behind the EssayBot service will meticulously check your writing and suggest ways to improve it. Want your essay to look polished and professional?”

“Being overwhelmed with your academic assignments, you might have an idea to find someone who can assist you. So you open your browser and start searching for a reliable company. At this point, the real difficulties come into play. This site has caught our interest because it is not so ordinary. It seems like EssayBot’s Support representatives don’t check their inboxes too often. The others say that the company is not very legal and trustworthy. Indeed, it works better than any other text spinners we have tried before, but we are not sure that high-quality academic content is something you can receive this way. Maybe, it is a nice idea for some other types of writing, but when your professor gives you a list of tricky questions that require thinking and expertise, EssayBot is not an option at all.”


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